Sep 12

How to use the Bryzos Bid Blaster

Bryzos is changing the way that steel is being bought and sold. In addition to being able to search for listings, Bryzos has set up the Bid Blaster which allows for both the buyers and sellers to get involved. Bryzos can get these buyers and sellers in contact for steel that is stainless, galvanized, carbon, erw piping, or many other options. The Bid Blaster is an online negotiating system comparable to Amazon that allows buyer and sellers to get in direct contact with each other. Bryzos is revolutionizing the way that consumers are buying and selling steel.

For the buyers, there are a few steps that are needed in order to use the Blaster. The steps include: entering your BOM (Bill of Material), entering specifics about the deal such as origin restrictions or date needed, and then you are able to submit the BOM to the marketplace. Once you submit your BOM,  the sellers will start to get in contact with the buyer by uploading quotes. The buyer can then either reject, accept, or counter to the seller based on his or her steel sizing needs.

As for the seller, there is no cost to quote or list any of his or her material. The seller will only pay Bryzos if there is a sale made so there is no downside to trying. The best part of this marketplace for the seller is that Bryzos will bring your opportunities to sell to consumers that the seller had no idea existed. The seller will have many more opportunities to make money at a lower cost. This marketplace has many benefits to it but one big part is the buyer/seller profile matching system. This system allows the seller to specify what kind of material they want to quote. Bryzos will then put the seller in contact with a buyer based on the material they want to quote that is similar to the buyers needs.

Bryzos is revolutionizing the way that steel is sold in the marketplace. Bryzos will help any buyer or seller find what they are looking for when searching through Bryzos. They are here to help you!