Great St. Louis Winery History

Hermann was the first to appear before Napa, Sonoma, Walla Walla, and Willamette. California, Washington, and Oregon didn’t start large-scale wine production before prohibition decimated America’s wine industry. Missouri was the second-largest wine producer in the country. It’s fascinating to read about the wild history of Missouri winemaking, as well as the profound impact it has had on the global wine market.

The new documentary Missouri Winemaking– is a one-hour film by Emmy Award winner Cat Neville. She’s also the host of Nine Networks tasteMAKERS and Chris Roider. The film opens with stunning views of rolling hills dotted with grapevines. These vines were planted by Germans in Missouri during the mid-1800s to create a utopia.

Through documents and historic photos, the documentary reveals 200 years of Missouri’s wine history. It also features engaging interviews with winemakers and sommeliers, who are often clever and funny. It’s about Missouri’s rich wine heritage, its people, farmers, growers, and multi-generational families.

The documentary will be shown at the St. The documentary will be featured at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, on July 15, 24, and 25. Tickets for the screening at Washington University’s Brown Hall Auditorium on July 17 are now available.