It Pays to Procrastinate! Fyndus Launches Dec. 14 “12 Days of Surprises” with BIG Holiday Gift Savings

Fyndus IconSt. Louis (Dec. 14, 2017) – It pays to procrastinate! Fyndus, an international geolocation discount and e-commerce application app that changes the way people shop, announced that its “12 Days of Surprises” holiday shopping program starts Thurs., Dec. 14 and runs through Mon., Dec. 25.

Fyndus is the ideal app for shoppers who want deeply discounted items, free shipping on a variety of products, and a broad selection of merchandise and services. During the “12 Days of Christmas,” which runs from Thurs., Dec. 14 – Mon., Dec. 25, offers a variety of items ranging from must-have phone accessories and the latest hand toys to outerwear and items for your car.

“The Fyndus app brings together the best in comparison of other ecommerce platforms”, said Affan Waheed, Founder and CEO of Fyndus. “The ‘12 Days of Christmas’ is our way to introduce new U.S. users to Fyndus and experience the variety of products and services available at deep discounts.”

“We already have more than 200,000 users and 3,000 merchants worldwide, and now we are ready to change the way people shop in the United States. There is nothing else like Fyndus available to smartphone users,” added Waheed.

Fyndus, which launched its U.S. iOS and Android app during the November Thanksgiving holiday, helps consumers locate and save significant amounts of money on products and services, and helps local merchants increase their holiday sales.  The app utilizes a smartphone’s GPS sensor that provides the user with local deals, while providing the opportunity to purchase a wide range of items directly from the app.

Launched in Asia, Europe and the Middle East in 2016, Fyndus has gained international popularity among users and merchants for its ability to quickly connect and eliminate unnecessary distractions online shoppers have because the user experience is customized because of individual buying patterns.

The app is popular among participating merchants because their goods and services are targeted directly to their ideal clients and the need for the middle-man is eliminated with the cost savings passed onto consumers.

In addition, Waheed said, “After the initial roll out of the discounts for local products and services in St. Louis, we intend to add eCommerce to the platform. Fyndus the first-and-only Manufacturer-to-Consumer (M2C) eCommerce app in the world, and will give users the power to order products directly from the manufacturer, at a significant savings, because it eliminates the middleman.”


About Fyndus

Fyndus, LLC, is the global leader that changes the consumer retail shopping experience with  brick and mortar, and e-commerce through the use of an app. Fyndus is different from other e-commerce platforms because it rewards buying behavior patterns, provides savings to buyers by eliminating the middleman, and offers merchants and service providers the tools to better manage the consumer buying experience. With headquarters based in St. Louis, Missouri and offices located internationally throughout Europe and the Middle East, Fyndus is changing the way people shop globally, save money, and help local businesses thrive. To learn more, please visit

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