TEXTiUM Launches Precision Texting Product for Direct Mail Industry for a Personalized Consumer Experience

TEXTiUM CEO and founder, Craig Schmitz

TEXTiUM, a St. Louis-based tech company providing a precision texting platform for direct mail advertisers, announced today the launch of its patent pending product prior to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) conference held March 22-25 in Las Vegas, where it will be formally introduced to users.

Craig Schmitz, TEXTiUM CEO and founder, said, “TEXTiUM is the optimal lead generating platform for the direct marketing industry. The technology allows the consumer to immediately respond to a direct mail offer through their phone, provides an instant personalized response to the consumer directly to their smartphone, collects their mobile phone number and instantly delivers the information to the advertiser in the form of a real-time quality lead.”

Why TEXTiUM Was Founded

Schmitz, a serial entrepreneur and current stakeholder with William Craig Diversified Holdings, a St. Louis-based venture capital firm that supports funding for start-ups, said that he used direct mail campaigns with the previous businesses he owned. The challenge Schmitz experienced with direct mail was that it was not as effective because the results for qualified leads could not be measured accurately.

Now that the preferred device to receive information is a mobile phone, Schmitz saw an opportunity to combine a direct mail piece with a personalized text response to the consumer. He knew that integrating a direct mail campaign with a personalized text would create a better process to respond instantly to consumer interest while at the same time capturing information for follow-up by the advertiser.

TEXTiUM can be used for any direct mail campaign by any business in any industry. Applicable industries include automotive, real estate, mortgage lending, banking, financial services, insurance, education, professional service providers, health care and not-for-profit organizations.

TEXTiUM does not design, print or sell direct mail. The technology is to be used and integrated with direct marketing campaigns.

How TEXTiUM Works

Advertisers target specific customers with a unique offer or message using a direct mail piece. When the consumer uses a text to respond to the direct mail offer, they receive a personalized reply created specifically for them. As the consumer responds, TEXTiUM acquires their mobile phone number that is combined with other pertinent data and instantly forwarded to the advertiser as a qualified lead.

“Grabbing a person’s attention isn’t as simple as mailing a postcard. When direct mail arrives, the recipient must at least touch it – if only for a moment before recycling it – but if you’ve crafted a targeted, meaningful and personalized message—with a convenient response mechanism—it will get opened, and action is more likely to be taken immediately. TEXTiUM technology will help grab the attention of consumers and connect them with responsive and innovative advertisers,” added Schmitz.



Craig Schmitz, CEO and Founder, TEXTiUM 314.565.4148; craig@craigschmitz.com

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About TEXTiUM:

Founded in 2017, TEXTiUM is a pioneer for integrating the most modern texting technology with traditional direct mail advertising. TEXTiUM is the only product available that gathers rich, empirical data for direct marketers to offer targeted, cost-effective, campaigns. Its proprietary technology conveys unique offerings and information to consumers while acquiring the mobile phone number that is immediately shared with the advertiser in the form of a high quality lead. To learn more, please visit https://TEXTiUM.com, or call, 1.833.TEXTiUM.