Fyndus Rolls Out a New Website and Mobile Application

FyndUs Logo 2017

Fyndus, LLC, a global e-commerce and local deals startup, recently launched its updated website and app to make the consumer experience more robust, provide tighter security, and expanded payment options.

Released earlier this month, the newly-enhanced Fyndus website and app are designed to improve the experience of users, and merchants selling their products and services. Improvements include:

  • Expanded payment options — All major credit cards are now accepted along with PayPal and Stripe.
  • Increased product and service offerings – Improved and varied merchandise selections at the lowest prices with options of free surface shipping or expedited shipping.  More local dining, services, and experiences are available for consumers using the mobile application.
  • Better marketing for merchants – Merchants and retailers who become part of the Fyndus program will have more control, exposure, and independence with marketing their businesses through the app.
  • Easier log-in with strengthened security – App users now have fewer steps to access their accounts with increased security measures that were programmed in the app and website. 

Affan Waheed, Fyndus CEO, said, “We continue to expand our offerings and services to make the Fyndus user experience engaging, convenient and fun. We want and need input from our users so we can continuously improve, and challenge ourselves to constantly innovate to make the user experience unique and simple.” 

Founded in 2016, Fyndus has experienced significant growth with thousands of subscribers throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with India and Pakistan having the largest number of users. Fyndus launched its North American mobile application last year.

“Our vision is to empower our users with an app that saves them time and money by finding the best local deals, services and dining experiences regardless of where they are in the world,” added Waheed.   



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About Fyndus

Fyndus, LLC, is the global leader that changes the consumer retail shopping experience with brick and mortar, and e-commerce using an app to find the best deals in merchandise, service and local dining. Fyndus is different from other e-commerce platforms because it rewards buying behavior patterns, provides savings to buyers by eliminating the middleman, and offers merchants and service providers the tools to better manage the consumer buying experience. With headquarters based in St. Louis, Missouri and offices located internationally throughout Europe and the Middle East, Fyndus is changing the way people shop globally, save money, and help local businesses thrive. Fyndus…Discover. Shop. Save! To learn more, please visit https://Fyndus.com.