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Apr 09

Basic Specifics Of Finding St. Louis In Home Physical Therapies

Home Assist, among the best house health care service providers positioned in St. Louis, reported the development of their home care services in St. Louis area. This is actually done to offer the finest quality services to all the individuals who wish to experience high quality health care services in their houses.

As a well-known in house health care agency, Home Assist is focusing on the needs of the individuals and they offer the best health care services to ensure that the individuals could be taken care off.

Lots of folks are presently trying to find St. Louis House Health Aide and Home Assist is the ideal company to locate In House Licensed Nurse Aide, therapists, pharmacists and more.

Eldercare Services are centered on folks with chronic conditions, dealing with specific illnesses and those who need daily support. They’re currently known as the best house health care service agency around St. Louis. This type of service is great for those who need medical help but do not wish to remain in a hospital or health care institution. Home Assist may offer the healthcare services which they want together with the best specialists to help them.

The goal of the company is to improve the lives of folks who are having issues in taking care of themselves.

Most folks do not have plenty of time to care for their loved ones, specially the elderly and disabled folks. Even so, lots of of these folks don’t want their family members to stay out of their sight.

This is where adult day care programs can help as they have various specialists that are capable of looking after elderly and handicapped folks. There are skilled nurses, physical therapists and more which could provide the daily needs of individuals in the convenience of their home.

St. Louis In Home Physical Therapy and nursing services are extremely important at this time as it may help offer the demands of individuals with no need for them to stay outside of their home.

One of many missions of Home Assist is to provide compassionate and extensive health care services at home for those with chronic conditions, dealing with illness and the folks who need daily support. They can offer safe and reputable health care services through our experience, experts and assets.

The purpose of the company is to help in promoting a successful transition of care, avoid constant ER visits and enhance the quality of life of the patients.

If you are presently thinking of In House Occupational Therapy, Home Assist can offer the services that you need. You should know the requirement for house care is increasing over time because increasingly more people realized that they can stay at house and have nurses and physical therapists to help them get better.

Apr 06

Clear-Cut Advice When Thinking Of Buying And Selling Properties In St. Louis Defined

REI Real estate buyers actually entered the St. Louis home buying and selling market and this is certainly great news for the buyers, sellers and renters who actually want to check St. Louis. You could find a lot of real estate buyers in St. Louis and you can even find a lot of sellers, but it would take a long time to complete the deal. Selling and buying homes in St. Louis doesn’t need to be difficult and sell your house in St. Louis for cash. They wish to be certain that the sellers won’t have to wait for a long period for the property to be sold and the purchasers can have the fastest transactions. House buying in Saint Louis will surely be simpler because of REI Real estate purchasers.

Buying A Property In St. Louis

You can definitely find St. Louis house purchasers who are looking for properties, but they have a difficult time looking for the best one since they don’t know how to begin. It is true that you could find some homes in your area, but you need more options if you wish to find the right house. You could certainly get several alternatives so it’s going to be better if the purchasers can actually get access to appropriate homes for sale. This will actually give a larger possibility to find a house that they want for a price they can afford. We buy houses St. Louis and we will definitely be a big help for the buyers in looking for the house that they need due to the database of homes and properties that they actually have around St. Louis.

Selling Properties In St. Louis

Many people are thinking of how to “sell your house St. Louis”, but this won’t be a difficulty at all if REI Real estate buyers may help you. They can make certain that a lot of potential buyers will be viewing the property that is being sold. Why would the sellers usually ask for the assistance of REI Home purchasers when selling properties? It is actually because they will not need to wait for a long period to sell their properties because they could purchase the homes for cash and take care of the documentation.

If you will need to sell your house immediately, this will probably be the best deal to consider today. Selling a property will take a long time before it is sold, including the preparations of the documents, but if REI will help you, the process will likely be faster.

Renting A Property In St. Louis

Aside from buying or selling, there are also some house rentals that you could find in St. Louis. It’s going to be extremely tough to go around the area to find rentals so you can go directly to REI Home purchasers and seek rental homes.

Purchasers, sellers and renters will not have to spend their time finding good deals because REI Real estate purchasers can already offer this.

Apr 06

10 Basic Facts Everyone Should Discover About Hummert International

Hummert International is referred to as the most favored commercial distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies. The launch of the new site is actually an indication of their dedication in offering top quality services and nursery supplies to all of their customers.

It is presently referred to as the best commercial greenhouse supplier on the market and they always guarantee that the clients may have more comfort while shopping. Having a new site with latest features could make this possible because you will have the ability to browse and buy what you need online.

You will have the ability to find the most appropriate goods that they’re able to provide like their hydroponic supplies. You may even straight make an online purchase and obtain the goods in your doorstep.

The company was established by August H. Hummert Sr. in 1932 and they were proven to offer garden supplies to St. Louis area florists, professional gardeners and a lot more. In case you are speaking about experience, it is safe to assume that only a number of companies can match the number of experience that this company has and they’re still in the market until now.

Actually, the recognition of this company came from their thorough supply catalog. This company is a well-liked hydroponics supplier and they’re also providing a wide range of goods such as garden equipment, commercial pots, nursery supplies and a lot more.

Their popularity came from the number of things that they’re offering. It has allowed the clients to acquire access to all the items that they want when it comes to gardening. They won’t check other shops because they’re able to already get what they need here.

The launch of the new site provided a much better and more hassle-free transaction for both the purchaser and the business. It permitted Hummert to get information regarding the customers and it permitted their clients to purchase goods effortlessly, particularly for those who are residing far from the physical shop of the corporation.

The new web site also allowed the clients to access their list of items anytime, anywhere. Since everything could be accessed online, so long as you have a mobile phone and the Internet, you could see the items and order straight.

The launch of their new website also provided plenty of convenient to a lot of clients. If they want something, they’re able to just order on the new website and the orders would arrive on their doorsteps.

Hummert International is not only known in all 50 states because it’s also popular in 70 foreign countries worldwide. They keep a large inventory of 32,000 goods and they find new solutions to add more items to the list. It actually means that the customers will expect to see some new items on their list as they try their best to enhance it. Excellent consumer care will always be the main emphasis of the company. They always ensure that the clients will get what they need with regards to gardening as well as offering commercial greenhouses to expand your garden to work.

You don’t need to look for other stores if you need gardening items because Hummert International has them all. You could check their website and browse through their extensive selection of items.

Feb 12

AMM Communications Earns SBA Certification as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

image of Ann Marie Mayuga

Ann Marie Mayuga is AMM Communications co-founder and principal

AMM Communications, the leading St. Louis-based strategic communications, PR, and talent acquisition firm, is pleased to announce that it received the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) federal certification as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

The Women’s Business Development Center – Midwest, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), was the Third-Party Administrator to conduct the approval process.

Founded in 2008 by Ann Marie and Ed Mayuga, AMM Communications, a PR and digital marketing firm, serves clients throughout the Midwest. The firm has grown from initially offering public relations, media relations and social media consulting more than a decade ago to evolving into one of the only digital communication firms in the Midwest using the Paid Earned Social Owned (PESO) model, which was created by Gini Dietrich, PR-thought leader and founder of the influential blog,

“This certification will assist our clients by helping them achieve their diversity initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to fostering diversity, and the continued development of their supplier diversity programs. It also provides our clients with a proven professional services partner holding a certification that is federally accepted by hundreds of major corporations and government entities,” said Ann Marie Mayuga, AMM Communications partner.

AMM Communications is Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certified by WBENC for national certification; the State of Missouri, and St. Louis County and St. Louis City. The firm is also Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certified by the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis County, and the City of St. Louis.



About AMM Communications

Founded in 2008, AMM Communications LLC, the leading St. Louis-based strategic marketing, PR, and talent acquisition firm, provides media relations, digital marketing, business development, crisis communications, content marketing, internal communications, communications skills training, reputation management, social media consulting, and executive search services for businesses nationwide. AMM Communications is a nationally certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and certified by State of Missouri, St. Louis County and St. Louis City.  The company is federally certified as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the SBA, and is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). AMM Communications has been voted one of the “Best PR Firms in St. Louis” by Small Business Monthly from 2010-2018. We want to help you … Drive your sales. Communicate better. Hire well. For more information, please visit, or call 314.485.9499.

Feb 12

Kind Soap Company Focus is on the Natural Soap Products

Recognizing Distinct Ideas And Advice When Thinking Of Natural Scented Soap

Kind Soap Company actually released a new website that could offer a better shopping experience for the individuals who would like to buy homemade soaps. As a handmade soap company, their mission is to deliver the best soap that will not have any negative effects on your skin, help the environment and help people who are in need of assistance. If you’d like to find specific items like baby bum balm, loofah bar soap, and other natural products, you have to look at Kind Soap. Through the intro of a new website, you could find any item that you really want like the Tea Tree Rx Charcoal Facial Soap. Let’s check why this natural soap company is actually among the best in the market.

A primary reason why Kind Soap Company is very popular is due to the ingredients which they are using for their soap products. Apart from being effective, they were also made from natural and organic ingredients. This means that there won’t be any side effects since they are not using dangerous substances. The items that are created with natural ingredients are popular right now, not only the soap products since they offer the best advantages minus the side effects. They are using natural ingredients to be sure that the clients won’t have worries about skin issues while using the products. In case you are planning to buy soap products, you should try to use products that are made from natural ingredients. Our Honey Loofah Bar Soap has built-in natural loofah which is combined with antioxidants to create all natural soap. Kind Soap Company is always focused on eco-friendly items so they use packages that will not damage the environment. This is one of the reasons why lots of individuals are purchasing their goods, especially those who are very aware of the environment.

The best thing about them is that they support charities. For every item that you actually, they might give 10 cents to charities and they’ll also help other folks in many ways. This means that you can definitely purchase the items that you’ll need while you are helping the charities and other folks who need help.

The intro of this new website is part of their endeavors to provide a better shopping experience to all the clients and provide better features as well. This new website will be able to provide different features that would allow consumers to purchase everything they need with no hassle. They even provide free delivery to your orders so you could get the orders on your doorstep with no extra fees. They provide a wide range of products such as cream and lotion, perfume, bar soaps, vanilla buttercream foaming sugar body scrubs, lip products and more. You may visit their website and start shopping there. The mission of Kind Soap Company is to be Kind to your skin through the natural and organic ingredients which they use, be kind to the environment by offering eco-friendly packaging and be Kind to others through their charity work.

Jan 30

The Association for Corporate Counsel St. Louis Chapter Elects 2019 Officers and Board of Directors

Chrissy Teske, senior attorney with Commerce BancsharesThe Association of Corporate Counsel – St. Louis Chapter (ACC STL), the pre-eminent professional development organization serving in-house counsel, elected its 2019 Officers and Board of Directors.

The 2019 ACC STL leadership team includes:

  • President: Chrissy Teske, Senior Attorney, Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
  • President-Elect: Brian Parsons, Senior Counsel, Macy’s Inc.
  • Secretary: John Rebman, Sr. Corporate Counsel, Regulatory Law & Policy, Monsanto Company
  • Treasurer: Sven Fickeler, Senior Corporate Counsel, Bunzl Distribution USA, LLC
  • Immediate Past President and Co-Sponsorship Chair: Toni Douaihy, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Macy’s Inc.
  • Advocacy Co-Chair: Barbara Barrett, Chief Compliance Officer, Reliant Care Management Company
  • Advocacy Co-Chair and Director-at-Large:  John Farmer, Vice President Litigation, Charter Communications
  • Communications Chair and Director-at-Large: Danielle Langeneckert, Director, Contract Design, The Resource Group
  • Corporate Counsel Institute Chair: Ty Ulmer, Chief Counsel, The Boeing Company
  • Diversity Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Tamee Reese, Assistant Vice President Senior Legal Counsel, AT&T Mobility & Entertainment
  • Diversity Co-Chair and Director -at-Large: Denise Whitener, Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo Law Department
  • General Counsel Forum Co-Chair: Kate Molamphy, General Counsel, ICL Americas
  • General Counsel Forum Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Erika Schenk, General Counsel & Vice President of Compliance, World Wide Technologies
  • Annual Golf / Spa Event Co-Chair: Peter Barkofske, Associate General Counsel, Graybar Electric Company, Inc.
  • Annual Golf / Spa Event Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Jay Repaso, Manager Legal Services, Mastercard
  • Law School Relations Chair and Director-at-Large: Kate Krebel, Corporate Counsel, DRS Technologies, Inc.
  • Membership Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Beverly Garner, Associate General Counsel, Bunge N.A.
  • Membership Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Jennifer Feldhaus, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Maritz
  • PAN – Labor & Employment Chair: Latieke Lyles, Counsel, Macy’s Inc.
  • Pro Bono Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Patricia Duft, Vice President, Legal, Medtronics
  • Pro Bono Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Paula Finaly, Assistant Vice President – Senior Legal Counsel-Labor & Employment, AT&T
  • Program Chair and Director-at-Large: Jennifer Herner, Associate General Counsel, World Wide Technology
  • Professional Development and Director-at-Large: Sharhonda Shahid, Vice President, Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.
  • Social Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Nancy McCahan, Managing General Counsel, Sugar Creek Capital
  • Social Co-Chair and Director-at-Large: Margy Weisman, Assistant General Counsel, ESCO Technologies
  • Sponsorship Co-Chair: Kristol Simms, Corporate Counsel, Ameren
  • Past President Committee Chair: Christopher Goddard, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Associate General Counsel, Washington University



Ann Marie Mayuga, AMM Communications




About the ACC STL:

The Association for Corporate Counsel of St. Louis (ACC STL), the pre-eminent professional development organization serving in-house counsel, was founded in 1987. The St. Louis chapter has more than 550 members who represent more than 100 organizations. During its 30-year-history, the ACC STL has grown to become one of the leading chapters in the country having been selected as a 2017 Gold Level Award recipient and winning the 2018 Best Membership / Recruitment Award. To learn more, please visit,

Jan 30

Easterseals Celebrates 100th Anniversary Providing Services, Education, and Support for Individuals with Disabilities

This year, Easterseals celebrates their 100th anniversary as a trusted resource for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The organization’s reach touches communities across the country with 71 locations, including Easterseals Midwest. With offices in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Joplin, Springfield, and Cape Girardeau, Easterseals Midwest provides support to more than 5,000 Missourians with disabilities each year.

“Easterseals has a well-defined mission to make a difference in the lives of our program participants, their families, and communities by equipping each person we support with the tools they need to live a vibrant, confidant, and independent life,” said Wendy Sullivan, Easterseals Midwest CEO.

Easterseals unique, inclusive services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families include autism support, employment services, community living services, and an early-childhood program in Kansas City.



About Easterseals Midwest

Easterseals Midwest is a nonprofit organization changing the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.  The organization employs nearly 2,000 employees delivering services to more than 5,000 individuals statewide through four divisions: Autism Services, Community Living Services, Early Childhood Services and Employment Services.

Jan 29

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Receives Monsanto Fund Grant

Legal Services of Eastern MissouriLegal Services of Eastern Missouri has received a $25,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund, a philanthropic arm of Bayer, to support free legal support services for low-income families with children who need special education services to succeed in school. The services underwritten by the Monsanto Fund grant will be used to support at-risk families and children living in North St. Louis County and will concentrate efforts on children attending schools in the Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, Jennings, Normandy, Pattonville, Ritenour, and Riverview Gardens districts.

“This Children’s Legal Alliance Educational Advocacy Project funded by the Monsanto Fund helps both parents and children get the education needed to succeed.  This includes homeless families and children who, by federal law, are entitled to a quality education,” stated Daniel Underwood, Managing Attorney of the Children’s Legal Alliance Project. “We are very grateful for the Monsanto Fund’s partnership in helping children in under-served communities,” said Underwood.

For more information about the Children’s Legal Alliance Educational Advocacy Project, or any of Legal Services’ programs, call 800-444-0514 or visit



About Legal Services of Eastern Missouri: Legal Services of Eastern Missouri has provided free civil legal help for low-income families for 62 years. In 2017 nearly 30,000 people in

21 counties of eastern Missouri received services from four regional offices. For more information, please visit

Jan 28

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri to Host Justice For All Ball on Saturday March 9, 2019

Legal Services of Eastern MissouriThe 29th annual Justice For All Ball will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza.

In recognition of their lifetime dedication to insuring access to Justice, Legal Services is pleased to announce the 2019 Honorary Co-Chairs are: the Hon. Susan E. Block, Circuit Judge, Retired, 21st Judicial Circuit of Missouri; the Hon. Robert M. Clayton II, Presiding Circuit Judge, Retired, 10th Judicial Circuit of Missouri; and the Hon. Stephen N. Limbaugh, Sr., U.S. District Judge, Retired.

The Ball attracts more than 500 of the area’s top legal professionals including Judges, Managing Partners and Senior Counsel from the area’s largest firms and companies.

By popular demand, the Ball is returning to the Chase Park Plaza. The 2019 event is a classic cocktail party with a “twist,” featuring upscale food stations, an open bar, complimentary valet parking, a select silent auction and black-tie optional.

Paula Finlay (AT&T) and Priscilla Murray (Husch Blackwell) are the Ball Co-Chairs, with Tracy Tabb (Brown & James) as Auction Chair.

Tickets are available for $250 per person or Underwriting Support at $2,500 with ten tickets. Please visit www.lsem.orgfor more details or contact Louisa Gregory, Associate Director of Development at or 314.256.8736.



About Legal Services of Eastern Missouri: Legal Services of Eastern Missouri has provided free civil legal help for low-income families for 62 years. In 2017 nearly 30,000 people in 21 counties of eastern Missouri received services from four regional offices. For more information, please visit

Jan 22

Tom Dunn CPA Firm Hires Eric D. Hansen as a Partner

Eric Hansen, Partner at Tom Dunn CPA FirmThe Tom Dunn CPA Firm hired Eric D. Hansen as a partner. Hansen will handle accounting for mid-sized businesses.

Hansen has more than 10 years of accounting, tax and audit experience with a deep background working with for-profit and nonprofit entities, and family owned businesses.

“We look forward to Eric being an integral part of our team by sharing his experience and knowledge with our clients to help them grow their businesses, and achieve their personal and professional goals,”  says Tom Dunn, owner of the firm.



About the Tom Dunn CPA Firm, “Our business approach is truly unique. We take a proactive approach, tailor-made for the busy small & mid-sized business owner. We regularly meet with our clients one-on-one to stay in front of the issues as your CPA and business advocate. Our goal is to net you more savings from my services than they cost. In fact, often, the true savings is many times greater.”