Prairie Pie Now Available at Druff’s and Cherry Picker

“I’ve recently moved back to Springfield after spending some time in New York City,” Eleanor Taylor, owner of Prairie Pie says. “I had a few different bakery jobs there, which was great – that’s where I honed in on my pie skills.”

Top-notch pie skills are in great supply with Eleanor. Her Prairie Pie treats are now being served daily at Druff’s, and as of this week, Cherry Picker Package x Fare.

If you didn’t yet know Taylor’s name, it’s highly likely that you’ve tried some of her creations. Her first job was at Tea Bar and Bites; she started as a baker’s assistant at 16 and spent five years there learning new techniques and experimenting with different flavors.

“Tea Bar was a good learning experience,” Taylor says, “because I would bake in the morning and see how different desserts sold during the day. It was interesting to see the customers’ reactions first-hand. I feel like it prepared me for the social side of business.” 


Eleanor Taylor started as a baker’s assistant at 16.

Ana Pierce

So, what’s on the menu? This season, Taylor’s specialties include a sweet potato pie and a lemonchess pie. “I’m all about trying interesting flavors,” she says.

The texture of the sweet potato pie is fantastic; it’s made with mixed apples and sweet potatoes for the filling, sweetened with homemade caramel sauce. The topping is an oat crumble created with butter, flour and oats.

The lemonchess pie is more smooth, as it’s cream-based. “I like this pie because it’s delicate, so it melts in your mouth,” Taylor says. “And the lemon flavor isn’t overpowering,” she assures.

Recently, Druff’s ordered a honey custard pie, topped with just a dash of sea salt. “If that pie is lying around my house, I have to give it away,” Taylor confesses. “I will eat the whole thing.”

Customers can find an assortment of sweet pies by the slice on rotation at Druff’s and Cherry Picker. Miniature (5-inch) pies are also available at Homegrown Foods.

You can also order your own pie, baked and delivered directly to your door. Taylor asks that customers give 48 hours notice using the contact form on her website.

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