What to Expect at SNAX Gastrobar, Coming Soon to Lindenwood Park

Stanley and Arlene Browne are opening a new concept in St. Louis – and no, it’s not another wine bar.

The owners of the popular Robust Wine Bar plan to open SNAX Gastrobar in the former J. McArthur’s American Kitchen space, as originally reported by St. Louis Magazine. News first broke in late December that the acclaimed Lindenwood Park restaurant would be closing its doors, with a brand-new concept from the Robust team taking its place.

More details about Robust’s new concept surfaced last week, including an anticipated opening date – the new restaurant is slated to open at 3500 Watson Road the first week of March.

SNAX will serve “good food for the soul,” including small and mid-sized plates of what the Brownes like to call upscale “humble foods.” Diners can look forward to a range of light to hearty plates, depending on their appetite. A beer garden, interactive games and board games will also be part of the new concept. In warmer months, SNAX’s patio will host a regular “Yappy Hour” for dog owners.


Robust Wine Bar & Cafe owners Stanley and Arlene Browne

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“We like to call our dishes ‘elevated comfort food,'” Arlene says. “Although we don’t have a menu set just yet, some dishes may be burgers, meatloaf and shepherd’s pie.”

Not familiar with gastrobars? Arlene explains that the name is a riff on the more popularly used gastropub, which usually center on beer. A gastrobar, meanwhile, also specializes in classic cocktails and wine – something the Robust team certainly has nailed down.

“It wouldn’t be a Robust concept without there being wine,” Arlene says with laugh.

Robust’s executive chef Joseph Hemp V will lead the SNAX kitchen. In a statement, Hemp said he’s excited to be able to cook a mix of fine-dining and casual fare. “It’s the type of food that I would eat every day and proudly prepare for my family’s dinner table,” he said.

“We’ve had this project in mind since last year,” Arlene says. “And we are very excited it has moved so quickly. It is the first of a few concepts to come that are different, yet still stay within the Robust family.”

Look for more details coming soon to the SNAX website (snaxstl.com), which is currently under construction.

SNAX Gastrobar, 3500 Watson Road, Lindenwood Park, St. Louis, Missouri, snaxstl.com

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