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Author: NextSTL

The Gravois. (An Ode to a St. Louis Stroad)

Note: This goofy poem tells the story of a very cool grassroots effort called the Greater Gravois Initiative, which advocated successfully to make Gravois road a better place for people. I highly recommend you read more on the effort here from NEXT STL. The Gravois On the South side of townAnd curving toward WestIs a long winding thoroughfare that seldom does restA rumbling road that the neighbors detest. It’s the street called the Mighty Gravois. Now come a bit closer and sit at my knee boyI’ll tell you the tale and I’ll make it quite quickOf a momentous feat...

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Absent Needed Transportation Discussion, Here Comes North-South Light Rail Study

There’s a rail advocacy organization in St. Louis. There’s a regional transit entity in St. Louis. There is no transit advocacy organization. The creation of the region’s first not-quite-heavy rail line was a huge move forward for the region. The second line opened after similar heavy lifting by rail advocates. The Blue line offers important access to Washington University in St. Louis campuses, the region’s largest and fastest growing medical and innovation district, and downtown Clayton and St. Louis County offices. Current possible light rail route: The Blue Line has been something of a farce as well. It was...

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Friday Live Chat – nextSTL

Alex is the owner and editor of He earned a B.A. in Journalism and Masters in Public Affairs at Indiana University and has studied in Adelaide, Australia and Perugia, Italy. Alex can be found on Twitter @alexihnen and reached at...

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American Graffiti – nextSTL

On the night of May 23rd, someone spray-painted the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park, a monument that depicts a white family sending a soldier off to fight in the Confederate war effort. The graffiti included an anarchist symbol painted over the soldier, a Black Lives Matter placard positioned behind the family’s heads, and phrases like “Stop Defending Injustice” and “This is Treason” on the monument’s base. The St. Louis Parks Department was on the scene the very next morning removing the placard and scrubbing off the paint. Two years earlier, in the wake of the June 2015 massacre at the...

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